Other Artistic Themes

Other subjects - expressed through art -  include captivity and oppression, violence and pollution, evolution and nature, and equality.   There is also the  important issue of nudity and sexuality, where modern art and social practices are compared to ancient art and customs.  The topic of relationships is also a addressed through art!


"sleight of hand"

Artist & copyright : Gillian Alexiel


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"Our Garden of Eden"

Artist & copyright : Julius Guzy

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"The Rod"

Artist & Copyright : Brigid Marlin

Brigid has generously offered a number of artworks to the book.

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"In Your Image"

Artist & copyright : Jeff Neugebauer

                         Jeff  is wonderfully supportive and generous and has offered a number of artistc pieces, 

 including the above, to the book.

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"Meermaid 1"

Artist & Copyright : Franz Sauer

Model : Seagirl Claudia

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Ancient Egyptian Mourners

Courtesy of : Werner Forman Archive


I would especially like to aknowledge all the support and assistance given to me by Themis Halvantzi


"Adam meets Eve"

Artist & Copyright : Chad Swanson

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"The Gift"

Artist & Copyright : Suzanne van Pelt

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