At the back of the book will be an index of the art and artists, with additional information, so that readers will be directed to places and sites where they can buy further artistic work from the artists. As such, this book would also be a vehicle to advertise artist's creative work.

As this point in time, I have over 80 artists who have confirmed the role of their artistry within the book. These artists have come on board without knowing publisher, printing dates etc, but have been outstanding in their support of this book.

As for the publisher, I am hoping to secure a publisher sometime in 2010, so questions regarding definitions, printing, distribution, and remuneration to artists are all questions I am unable to answer at present. While there have been a number of artists who have offered their art without fee, I am hoping to secure a deal with a publisher that includes all artists a form of remuneration. For those who want specific returns for their art, these artists are regarded as “tentative” subject to approval by the publisher.