The Lilith Gallery

Lilith is not meantioned in the Genesis text, but the myth of Lilith (sorry could not help that, Lol!!!) has continued to grow, and this is especially seen through art.  Depictions of Lilith range from demonic to beautiful, evil to empowered.   Hope you enjoy the following art of Lilith!


Ancient image of Lilith

Courtesy of :  Werner Forman Archive

I would like to express special thanks and appreciation to all the help given to me  by Themis Halvantzi 


 Artist and Copyright: Bonnie de Carvalho!/profile.php?id=1499182170



 "Land of Sin"

by Irina Lovis


"Dark Queen"

Artist & Copyright : Lorenzo Di Mauro


Model: Madeleine Horn



"Dark Angel"

Artist & Copyright : Barbara Jensen


Model: Bianca Beauchamp



Artist & Copyright : Priscila Santos

To see the above art work and the credits attributed to it, and much more art by Priscila Santos, please go to :



Artist & Copyright : Hiroko Sakai

The above art, while not specifically an image of Lilith, it does seem to have interesting parallels with the Lilith Myth.  Of  this artwork, Hiroko says,

"The hannya mask is a mask representing a female serpent-demon filled with malicious jealousy and hatred. Worrn by women betrayed or spurned by their lovers who turn into serpent demons." 

For more information about this art piece, and for other wonderful ary by Hiroko Sakai, please go to :******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


Artist & Copyright : Magdalena Babińska

For the above and many more artistic works, please go to Magdalena Babińska's site:


"Eden After Dark"

Artist & Copyright : Jennifer Hopkins 

Of the above art, Jennifer says :
 Oil on canvas. This is Lilith in the garden of eden, she's (according to some mythos) the first wife of Adam, the mother of vampires, the origional bitch. I'm facinated by her, this was my first attempt at putting her on canvas and I hope to do a whole series around her. More of Jennifer Hopkin's art can be seen at:



Artist & Copyright : Sheree Rehema

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Artist & Copyright : Ben Tolman

"Lilith" is, as is all the art on this site, a low res version - the HR version is amazing - to see this artistic piece and other great art please go to Ben Tolman's site:



Artist & Copyright : Regan Kubecek

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